St. Bernard Puppy/Dog Purchase Application Form


Your Name:_______________________________________
Phone No. (Home): ______________________________
Address: _______________________________________
Phone No. (Work): ______________________________
City/State/Zip: ____________________________________________________________________
E-mail: _______________________________________
How were you referred to us? ________________________________________________________________________
Are you interested in:
Puppy: __________ Older Dog: _____________ Male:_________ Female:________ Show:_____ Companion:________
Color Preference: _____________________________________________________
What Variety of Saint Bernard (LH/SH): _____________________________________
Have you owned a Saint Bernard: _________________________________________
What is your training experience: __________________________________________
Other dogs currently in the home: __________________________________________
Other animals: ________________________________________________________
No. of Adults in the Home: _______________________________________________
No. of Chidren/Ages: ___________________________________________________
Type of House: Urban:_______ Suburban: _______ Rural: ______ Own: ______ Rent: ______
** Please Note** If renting, a copy of the lease and written permission from the Landlord to have a Saint will be required**
Do you have a secure fenced yard? __________________________________________
Do you have a Pool? ___________ Is it Fenced? ______________________________
Where will the dog stay during the day? __________________________
At Night?: __________________________________
How much time is someone home during the day? ____________________________________________________________
Are you interested in any type of competition (Confirmation, Obedience, Agility, etc.)? ___________________________________
Who will have primary responsibility for the Dog's Care? _________________________________________________________
We also require a personal interview with the family prior to placing any dog (For those of of state communication over the phone).

The Following questions are designed to help you think about things to consider before obtain a Saint Bernard for your household.
Does your lifestyle allow the time and energy to properly care for a Saint Bernard?
Is your lifestyle such hat relatives, friends or children gain admittance to your home, property or car without your permission?
If you have children, are you willing to accept the additional responsibility of a Saint Bernard?
What are your leisure time activities, and do they allow time to fit a Saint Bernard into them?
Are all family members enthusiastic about owning a Saint Bernard and haev you discussed your concerns?
Have you considered the financial cost of dog ownership. and are you financially prepared to give your new Saint Bernard the medical care, quality food, training, etc. for the entire dogs lifetime?
Please feel free to add any additional information which you think would be helpful in selecting the right dog for you.
Finally, do you have any questions for us? Please elaborate:
Thank You,
Rolland and Michele Kaemerer
DANKA Saints
100 Military Lane
Sacramento, KY 42372
(270) 543-5867
email: dankasaints@yahoo.com